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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to add a second house to my property in Ontario?

Yes, most residential properties are allowed now to have a second detached home provided they can meet setbacks and servicing requirements.


What is bill 23 and how does this apply to tiny home?

Bill 23 or better known as more homes built faster act was put in place by Doug Ford. This bill allows properties to add second detached dwelling to there lots as well as takes away the municipalities ability to give minimum size requirements for homes as long as it meets Ontario Building Codes minimum size of 188 square ft.


Can I have one of your tiny homes on a property as the main principal dwelling?

Yes, Crawford Compact tiny homes can be the only home on a property. You do not have to place them as a second home.


What certification do you build your tiny homes to?

Crawford Compact tiny homes are manufacture on foundations to Ontario Building Code and get valid building permits as permanent homes under a new part of the building code for dual inspection tiny homes.


What does it mean to have dual inspections?

This means your tiny home will be inspected in our factory up to 90% completed by our municipality and then shipped to your property to be inspected by your municipality for connections to foundation and site servicing.


Why build tiny homes on foundations to Ontario Building Code and not CSA standards that other builders build too?

Building to Ontario Building code means your home is built specifically to Ontario Climate and life safety standards. The units are designed to handle our snow loads and cold winters. All our homes are inspected at many phases of construction to ensure they are built properly. You cannot live in CSA RV or Park model homes legally in Ontario year around. These units are built for temporary use and do not meet many life safety requirements found in the Ontario Building Code.


I get overwhelmed with the permitting process. Do I have to do this myself?

Crawford Compact Tiny homes offer an optional full permitting service for this work for you so you can relax.


How do I know if my property can fit one of your tiny home models and will be able to get serviced before I commit?

We offer a precheck service where we will fully assess your site to make sure it will work. We check services make recommendations for hook ups and costs, check with your municipality to make sure they will approve the permit and check site accessibility to determine if we need to crane your unit in or drive it in.


Are your homes customizable?

Yes! Crawford Compact tiny Homes are customizable. You will have the ability to pick your favorite base model and then choose options and finishes to make it your own! You will have the ability for minor layout changes and a full selection of finishing options.


How big of a unit can you build for me?

Under the new Ontario Building Code section for dual inspection tiny homes, we are allowed to build up to a 400Sft footprint for your home. There are options to add additions, second units, bunkies or even a basement if you are looking for more space.  


I live outside of Ontario can I still buy one of your homes?

Yes. Our tiny homes are currently designed to Ontario Building Code but can be modified to match your local building codes and climate. We will need to confirm with your municipality to ensure they would accept the build with no issues prior to any construction.


My municipality is telling me I’m not allowed to place these units as primary or secondary homes in my area.

Some municipalities simply don’t have the resources to stay up to date with current legislation and codes. Others may not be aware of the changes yet that allow these units. We have the resources to help you and communicate on your behalf to the municipality to educate them on the process and current legislation. We will help you get approved.

Can I have a tiny home on my lot to live in while I build another house?

Yes, there is the option to build a tiny home fist and live in it while you build another dwelling. The tiny home can stay on your lot when your finished as a secondary unit.


Is this considered a mobile home?

Our tiny homes are installed on a permanent foundation and connected to utilities. They do not have wheels and are considered “Real Property”. This means they are an appreciating asset adding value to your property.


What type of foundation is required for these tiny homes?

We have engineered our tiny homes to allow them to sit on a pier foundation. This means either concrete Sonotubes, or helical piles. This is the most economical foundation option. If desired these homes can also sit on engineered slabs on grade or even full basement foundations.


I have a custom design in mind. Will you build custom units?

Yes, you do have the option for us to design a fully custom unit for you. There will be additional design fees, but we will try to keep these to a minimum.


Can you build my unit off grid?

Usually, Ontario Building Code will require houses to be hooked up to the grid for backup but yes, our tiny homes can be built with solar and wind generation systems. Appliances can also be changed to more efficient or propane options.


Do the tiny homes require electric, natural gas, and propane?

These tiny homes are suited to your site services. We recommend running as much electric as possible but can install natural gas or propane heating and appliances as preferred.


How can I get financing for a tiny home?

We can help get you approved for financing options. Tiny Homes can be financed as cash out refinancing, home equity loans, a home equity line of credit, a construction loan or many other options. 



How do you get the tiny home into the yard?

We can either drive the tiny home into the yard if there are enough clearances or we can crane the unit in over your existing house or obstructions.

Are your Trailer Frames Engineered?

Yes, our frames are manufactured in Ontario by certified welders and are engineered to support the loads of each tiny home. Tiny homes cannot be built on generic trailer frames that have not been checked against loading of the homes.


Are your tiny homes 4 season for Canadian Winters?

Yes, our tiny homes are designed for 4 season use. They are spray foam insulated and heated and cooled through mini split systems. Windows and doors are thermally rated for our local climate.


What size of vehicle do I need to pull your models?

We recommend a minimum use of a 1 tone truck to safely pull your tiny home. Always check your owner’s manual to make sure it can handle the weight and drive accordingly to the weather. Icy roads and heavy winds are not your friend when hauling heavy tall loads.


Are your designs customizable?

Yes, our designs can be customized to suit your needs, adding storage or downstairs bedroom, colors and finishes of your choice.


Do I have to connect to services?

Yes, just like all tiny homes you are generally required to hook up to electrical and plumbing. You do have the option for a composting or incinerating toilet but the grey water from the tap and shower will still need to be disposed of properly.


How much power is required for these tiny homes?

Usually, we recommend a minimum 60-amp connection for your tiny home to function properly. If we change out some appliances to propane, we can get this down to 30amp.


Do the tiny homes come finished with appliances included?

Yes, our tiny homes come fully finished with all appliances, heating and cooling and even a combo washer/dryer.

Do I require a building permit?

Generally, if the unit is under 160SF you will not require a building permit. If you want plumbing in the unit then it will require a permit. If permits are required, you do have the option for us to obtain these for you.


Do you offer Financing?

Yes, we can offer third party financing for your backyard module.


What are some of the common uses for these backyard units?

People commonly use these modules as offices, home gyms, storage, a sleeping area, entertainment room, pool house, yoga studio, music room and many more.


Do you only build units up to 160sf?

We can build anywhere from simple units from 50sf all the way up 400sf.


Do the units come insulated?

Yes, most units are fully insulated to withstand our harsh Canadian winters and designed to heat easily. You will have the option to choose how much insulation you want in the unit to suit your needs.


What are some of the customizable options?

You will get to pick the material finishes, insulation values, electrical components, heating and air conditioning options, skylights, window placement and much more.


How do you get the unit into my backyard?

We can either drive the unit into the yard if there are enough clearances or we can crane the unit in over your existing house or obstructions.


Do I require a foundation for these units?

Most likely the unit will not require a foundation and will simply sit on concrete patio stones and compacted “A” gravel. Bigger units might require a simple pier foundation Sono tubes or slab on grade.


Are these units’ kits that need to be assembled?

No these are full turnkey completed units. They are fully assembled, set up on your site and hooked up to hydro for you. They are small but built similarly to the quality of a home with full interior and exterior finishes, built to last!


Are these units 3 season or 4?

Our Backyard modules come fully insulated for 4 seasons. You can comfortably stay in them throughout winter with minimal heat. You do have the option to purchase non insulated units if this suits your needs better.



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